How to Use

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When recording a hyperlapse of a person walking, you can make the playback look like the person is walking in real-time while the background is speeding by. This is done by walking to a specific tempo so that each part of the stride position is captured accurately, so when it is played back at a standard framerate, the person appears to be walking normally.

Once you’ve calculated the steps per minute, download a metronome app on your phone, and set the metronome to the specified bpm. Walk to the beat of the metronome and record at the specified frame-rate.


  • Try to walk consistently with the same stride, posture, hand movements, head movements, etc.
  • Try to keep the subject centered in the frame.
  • If you’d like to turn your head or move your arms, you need to do it really slowly. Additionally, if you want to pan the camera around the person, you need to do it gradually over time. (EXAMPLE: If you are recording at 1fps and will playback at 24fps, you literally need to slow down your movement 24x for it to appear normal in playback. )
  • You most likely will need to perform stabilization in post-production to stabilize the person.
  • Wider angle lenses will cause less differentiation between the subject and background between each frame, which will result in smoother playback.
  • Slower shutter speeds will capture motion blur that tend to smooth things out a bit and make hyperlapses look better. (I like using 1/13 second.)
  • If you’re recording in bright daylight, consider using an ND filter so you can use a wider aperture to blur the background, and slower shutter speed.